Club Wembley
Club Wembley
Club Wembley
Club Wembley

Club Wembley

The world-renowned Wembley Stadium is one of the great sporting venues and is home to some of the most talented footballers and artists. Club Wembley is at the heart of Wembley stadium, and it is where fans can connect with one another through their passion for the cherished sport.

In August 2017, "the most exclusive offering in Wembley's history" was opened in the name of the new One Twenty Club. One Twenty sets a new standard in hospitality, catering to only 120 members and their guests, with exceptional service, seats and experience. Drawing on the English sense of pride and humour, the swanky lounge, bar, and dining area has been designed to deliver home comforts and a sense of sporting history within an elegant environment.

Throughout the club our Maxi Neon and Eco Flex ranges are cleverly installed in order to produce contrasts of light and dark against the dense tones of mustard, purple, and turquoise colours. This experience of luxury and subtle extravagance would not have been complete without our LED lighting, which allows for appropriate lux levels for a multifunctional hospitality space, using DALI dimmable control.

Case Study Details

Project Type: Leisure
Location: London, United Kingdom
Completion: August 2017
Lighting Design: Enigma Lighting
Interior Design: KSS Group
Electrical Installation: Cornhill Electrical
Photographer: John Harper

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