More than just a coffeehouse for coffee lovers everywhere, Starbucks is also a haven for students who want a boost of caffeine whilst working on their homework, a pick-me-up whilst workers read through their emails, and the 'catch-up-over-coffee' location for friends seeking a comfortable, relaxed environment.

At the Gracechurch Street branch, Starbucks takes pride of its roots and customers are reminded of the year of establishment with the huge 'since '71' sign located boldly at the entrance. The sign is made up from naturally rusted steel lettering with an oak veneer housing. This aged, detail interior lighting is vital to Starbucks' brand, and our Eco Flex range truly delivered by emitting an ambient circle of light around the wooden structure contributing to the atmosphere of the shop.

Case Study Details

Project Type: Hotels and Restaurants
Location: London, United Kingdom
Lighting Design: Igma Imaging
Interior Design: RPW Design
Photographer: Igma Imaging

Products Specified