The Beaumont Hotel - The Colony Grill Room
The Beaumont Hotel - The Colony Grill Room
The Beaumont Hotel - The Colony Grill Room

The Beaumont Hotel - The Colony Grill Room

Inspired by the traditional American Grill, The Colony Grill Room is situated in the prominent Beaumont Hotel. Due to the lack of natural light in the restaurant, lighting designer, Ideaworks, requested LED lighting that could reflect the feel of natural light whilst enhancing the experience of guests, as well as having the ability to be easily adjusted by the hotel staff.

They developed the concept of following diners’ circadian rhythms and replicating the varying colour temperatures and intensity of daylight as the day progresses – from breakfast to late night drinks. Our best suggestion was our Dual Colour Panels which can achieve a colour temperature range between 2200K – 5000K and, at the same time, is dimmable so that the staff may adjust the lighting depending on the time of day.

For better control, a custom iPad application was developed, which provided both manual and automatic control of the skylight. During normal operation, the system is set to transition both its intensity and colour temperature across the day, moving from cool, invigorating light over breakfast and lunch, into warmer, more relaxing light as the day moves through the afternoon and into evening service. In addition, restaurant staff also have the ability to select predefined scenes for special events and edit these scenes at will.

Case Study Details

Project Type: Bars and Restaurants
Location: London, United Kingdom
Completion: March 2016
Lighting Design: Ideaworks
Photographer: Ben Moore, BeMore Photography

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