Inspiring you with LuxLive

'From colours and shapes to structure and style, we are eternally surrounded by art and design. In fact, we are all artists in our own essence. All we need is a vision, pencil and paper to create magic'

At LEDFlex, we constantly strive to indulge our clients with creativity and inspiration. Trade shows such as LuxLive, in particular, have been an ideal platform for us to achieve this, given the tangible and interactive elements involved.

Whether it be our quirky hanging monkeys inspired by The Jungle Book in 2016 or the geometric honeycomb impression in 2017, our presence at LuxLive has been a visual treat for visitors.

Lux Live 2016 - 2017

However, LuxLive 2018 has marked a new milestone in our journey to success. The concept for this year was centred around the juxtaposition of Classical Contemporary. On the contemporary front, a solid white, semi-hexagonal lounge was designed where our visitors were hosted with our impeccable hospitality. The lounge was further built-in with our leading-edge LEDs such as Eco Flex 240 Dual Colour and Maxi Neon Pixel to serve as inspiration for designers.

Lux Live 2018

While the lounge was successful in garnering appreciation, our touch of classic stole the show. In collaboration with Royal College of Art Alumni, Mathilde Heu, an emerging Swiss/French artist based in London, a live Art & Light Installation was crafted on the back wall of the lounge.

The 4x4 metre wall was used as a canvas by Mathilde, who beautifully sketched a small segment of the Old Royal Naval College using graphite and charcoal over the course of the event, compelling visitors to stop by. The installation, in various parts, was further fitted with our Nano Flex 180 to reinforce the concurrent nature of art and light.

Lux Live 2018

The most eminent feature of the event had in no time become a social media phenomenon, trending with #LuxLive and #LEDesign

Social Media

With the grand success of LuxLive 2018, we eagerly look forward to coming back next year with yet another delight. Till then, stay tuned to our space and get inspired.

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Author: Pallavi Jain

Saturday 1st December, 2018