Christmas for a Cause

Christmas for a Cause

This time each year, LEDFlex turns into Santa’s workshop and everyone who works here, into Santa’s little elves, penning letters and wrapping presents for those who have made our year special. This year not much has changed. We are still wrapping presents. We are still penning letters. However, this Christmas, wrapped in those presents are the gifts of time and togetherness, and words in those letters of hope and comfort.

At LEDFlex, we dedicate this festive season to families of children fighting critical health conditions. Today there are an estimated 49,000 children in the UK living with a life limiting or life threatening condition who may require palliative care. While some of these children and their families are able to cope, many struggle to cope on a day to day basis and have to face the very real possibility of losing their child. For such families, time is very precious.

And so this Christmas, together with Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity, we aim to make each minute worth a lifetime for these families. Our proceedings to the trust will ensure a helping hand for as many families in need so that they can do what they should be doing, spending time together. 

Because there is no greater gift than time spent together with the ones you love.

Author: Pallavi Jain

Tuesday 24th of December 2019