Follow our journey on Sustainability

Over the last year, we have been implementing various measures to improve sustainability within our business practices. One of these measures include re-visiting our product packaging to ensure optimal efficiency and sustainability while maintaining the brand aesthetics. Following months of testing and development, we have replaced plastic packaging with recyclable paper packaging across all our product ranges. In addition, the new packaging will comprise of digital QR codes, eliminating the need for paper installation manuals and instructions. To further improve efficiency and ensure minimal use of resources, our warehouse and operations teams have been working diligently on standardising the packaging boxes as well as redesigning them in order to eliminate the use of tape. The new packaging procedure further includes the use of shredded used cardboard, creating a more efficient and streamlined system of reducing waste and carbon footprint. 

We are excited to continue working towards more initiatives this year in an effort to improve our practices, reduce our impact on the environment and switch towards greater circularity. Stay tuned as we take you on our journey towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future. 

Author: Jennifer Olakitan

Thursday 16th of February 2023