International Year of Plant Health

The year 2020 not only marks the beginning of a new decade but also the International Year of Plant Health observed by the United Nations. As we step into this new decade, we, at LEDFlex, are committed towards achieving sustainability at our workplace as well as in our day to day business practices as a part of this initiative. From eliminating single use plastic from our supply chain by the end of 2020 to gradually moving towards renewable energy, we aim to improve our processes and follow a more circular economy model. As a global entity, we further realise the impact of logistics on the environment and, henceforth, aim to partner with providers who are responsible and transparent in their practices.

Starting this year, we also look into introducing community service days for all members of staff at LEDFlex, wherein once a year they can volunteer towards a cause of their choice. While we understand that there is a long road ahead of us in achieving zero emissions, we hope that with these small steps we can reduce our impact on the environment and instill a sense of belonging and positivity at our workplace.

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Author: Pallavi Jain

30th January 2020