Introducing the Upcoming Rigid Grazer Nano

Introducing the upcoming addition to the Rigid Grazer family, Rigid Grazer Nano. This state of the art technology combines the most compelling features of TIR and reflective optics, resulting in a high end quality LED that is an ideal solution for architectural lighting. The lens design, with 10°, 30° and 60° beam angles, produces a sharp and precise beam of light that significantly reduces light spill and increases the overall efficiency of the fixture, providing glare-free visual comfort. Moreover, the luminaire allows for extremely discreet dimensionality as the light source is more easily hidden which helps to create focal points or accents on textured surfaces. 

The Rigid Grazer Nano is an exceptional aesthetic, delivered from a physically compact, modular fixture that results in crisp optical performance for wall washing and wall grazing. To learn more about the new Rigid Grazer Nano,
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Author: Jennifer Olakitan

Monday 12th of September 2022