LEDFlex for Designers in Residence 2019-2020

Featuring emerging designers from various disciplines, The Designers in Residence programme at the Design Museum, London, offers designers with time and space away from their regular environment to research new ways of developing their practice.

While last year, we had the privilege to collaborate with London-based designer Helga Schmid to realise her installation, ‘Circadian Dreams’, this year we extended our support to designer Stiliyana Minkovska to respond to the theme ‘Cosmic’ and to bring to life her exhibit, ‘Ultima Thule’.

Having found her own maternity ward experience to be hostile and overly clinical, Stiliyana became inspired by alternative birthing methods, leading her to design a collection of three chairs to support the stages of childbirth. Each of these were presented within a sanctuary-like environment with soft lighting and a meditative soundtrack designed to reflect a baby’s experience in the womb.

Pixel addressable Maxi Neon RGBW from our Neon family has been used by Stiliyana to majestically replicate the colour palette within the womb. The luminaire suspends from the ceiling to create a cosmic effect, inducing a soothing birthing environment far from clinical.

While we are thrilled to have supported designers like Helga and Stiliyana on their artistic journeys, we look forward to becoming a part of many such initiatives in the future with the objective of nurturing a society that is progressive, free-spirited and creative. In the meantime, we highly recommend that you visit this exhibit at the Design Museum post-Covid-19 to learn more about Stiliyana's intriguing and inspiring work of art.

Author: Pallavi Jain

30th May 2020