Lumen Line 2 Step

The Lumen Line Range by LEDFlex consists of High CRI Flexes ideal for intermediate lighting. Following the recent addition of the Full Spectrum Flex to the range which offers wide coverage within the light spectrum, we are delighted to introduce Lumen Line 2 Step, which not only offers High CRI but also minimal variation in chromaticity, therefore enhancing colour consistency between individual chips adding a much desired uniformity across different strips. The Lumen Line 2 Step has exceptionally high R9 value which makes it suitable for high-end retail and luxury fittings. Available in a wide range of colour temperatures with small step increments from 2100K to 5000K, the Lumen Line 2 Step is also a great performer in terms of lm/W ratio, with up-to 100lm/W efficiency.

Author: Pallavi Jain

28th February 2021