Lux Live 2019

This November, we commemorated our 6th year at Europe’s largest annual lighting event, LuxLive. Our journey with Lux has been an enlightening one, for us as well as our clients who we strive to indulge each year with creativity and inspiration. With creative concepts like The Jungle Book in 2016, The Honeycomb Impression in 2017 or the  Classical Contemporary in 2018 which featured a live art and light installation, we have always left visitors spellbound with our scintillating presence. This year was no different. 

At LuxLive 2019, we presented ‘The White Cube’, showcasing our latest range of linear luminaires including the Flexi Grazer, the ideal solution for achieving a flawless wall-washing effect as well as the horizontal and vertical bending Ultimo Neon 3D, along with our existing Flex and Neon Range. The White Cube also featured our virtual reality solutions, VirtuaLux, a groundbreaking alternative to lighting mock-ups which was launched this summer at the Gherkin. 

White orchids, textured walls and geometric animal figures further enriched the grandeur of ‘The White Cube’, subtly blending in to create an enchanting experience.

Author: Pallavi Jain

30th November 2019