Silhouette Awards 2023

As LEDFlex makes another innings as the core sponsors for the second edition of Silhouette Awards, we are ecstatic to announce that of the 20 mentors selected by the organising board, LEDFlex will be supporting lighting designers, Martin Klaasen and Florence Lam. Martin and Florence are industry pioneers who hold immense expertise and experience in architectural lighting design with projects ranging from residential to commercial. It is clear to see that both of these mentors share a unique passion for lighting and the built environment that centers around seamlessly integrating light and space to elevate emotional connections and prompt artistic experiences.

LEDFlex would like to congratulate mentee winners, Cristina Antonieta Martínez Bergonje and Dane Amilawangi on being partnered with these two lighting professionals. We look forward to collaborating with Martin and Florence and to once again supporting young talent and giving them the platform and tools to succeed within the lighting industry.

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Author: Jennifer Olakitan

Tuesday 14th of March 2023