VirtuaLux Technology

Our state-of-the-art virtual reality solution, VirtuaLux, was launched at an exclusive event held on top of The Gherkin last week. Looking on to London’s iconic skyline, the evening hosted influential leaders from the lighting design industry.

The evening initiated with a glittering cocktail reception followed by a stimulating discussion between designers and their perspective on immersive technology & innovation in lighting design, steered by our guest speakers and industry experts Neil Knowles, Director of Elektra Lighting and Lia Ferraro, Senior Lighting Designer at Cinimod Studios. While Neil shared his thoughts on the future of lighting technology wherein, he discussed the development of CAD renderings and their function over time, Lia spoke about Cinimod’s most ambitious lighting project till date, The Turkish Airlines Lounges at the new Istanbul Airport.

These discussions tied into our final segment, The Immersive Vision, where we, LEDFlex unveiled our ground-breaking alternative to traditional lighting mock-ups as our proposition of what we envision the future of lighting technology to be – Immersive, Economical and Time-Effective. VirtuaLux enables designers to construct realistic virtual mock-ups of their project and integrate their specified luminaries to it. The solution is cost-effective compared to lighting mock-ups, quick and feasible and offers designers with live, hands-on control over their desired outcome. As the event came to an end, designers were invited to test and evaluate the VirtuaLux experience first-hand.

Author: Pallavi Jain

30th July 2019