Adare Manor

Project Details

Project Type


Lighting Design

Kate and Sam

Project Location

Limerick, Ireland





Created to enchant, treasure and impress, Adare Manor beautifully echoes the cherished heritage of the Irish hospitality. The magnificent Manor House celebrates over two hundred years of glorious history, however, to ‘preserve their legacy for centuries to come’, the hotel had recently undertaken conservation and restoration efforts. To accommodate to this, we were approached by lighting designer, Kate and Sam, to craft bespoke lighting solutions that harmonize with the grandeur of the gothic architecture while keeping up with technological advancements in the field of lighting design.

Our linear LEDs have been integrated into various locations of the Hotel. Eco Flex 120 from our Flex Range can be seen used as feature lighting in room wardrobes, vanities and bathroom niche, creating a soothing feel of homecoming. It is further used in areas of the Hotel’s Spa & Hair Salon as well as the in-house HD Cinema Theatres to add a touch of extravagance with an underlying sense of comfort. In addition, we had proposed Lumen Line from our Flex Range to be installed in the Ballroom Coffers along with the Gym and Tack Bar primarily for the purpose of task lighting. Our IP rated Hydro Line and Intense Flex in warm temperatures had also been suggested for the Pool area to create an ambience that is bright yet tranquil.

Along with the Hotel, we have paid profound attention to designing customized solutions for the Adare Manor Golf Course and Carriage House. From the cove and beam to the lockers and showers of the Clubhouse, Lumen Line and Eco Flex have been finely fitted to complement the luxurious, stylish and modern jazz-age interior. The dining room & bar featured at the Carriage House have also been subtly contoured with our Eco Flex to create emphasis on sophistication.