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Bars & Restaurants

Lighting Design


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November 2019



The Brazilian flair arrives to London’s Mayfair making its way from Madrid-via-Dubai.

Amazonico, as the name suggests, takes guests on a scintillating sensory journey along the Amazon River and through Latin America. Yet playing a pivotal role in this journey is the magnificently designed interior and lighting. Ornamental peacocks, hanging ferns and lush foliage tied together with hints of gold and grandeur create a dining experience that is unparalleled to.

To complement the elaborate interior, LEDFlex has crafted bespoke lighting solutions in collaboration with lighting design studio Isometrix. Eco Flex 240 from our Flex Range has been used to subtly illuminate coves as well as for back lighting and underlining seating areas throughout the restaurant. Custom lengths of our 4mm wide Nano Flex can also be seen for detailed applications such as staircase, shelf and bar lighting. Our latest innovation to achieving a flawless wall washing effect, Flexi Grazer, has further been strategically integrated to light up long runs of textured, wave like wall panels. Isometrix keeps the overall lighting scheme consistent throughout the restaurant, dim and warm, to harmonise with the natural elements while sustaining the opulence in the ambience.