Bank Of China

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Lighting Design

Aston Consulting Sydney

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Sydney, Australia




Murray Harris Photography, Luc Remond

With Bank of China recently relocating their company headquarters in the Central Business District of Sydney, LEDFlex, in collaboration with Phosforma, one of our official distributors in the region, got the opportunity to design bespoke solutions to be integrated into various spaces of the Bank.

From coves to stairways, over 400 metres of SK Flexible and SK Straight from our range of Profile solutions have been installed in the reception area, meeting rooms as well as other public spaces. The revolutionary SK Profile addresses all the limitations of conventional aluminium profile fixtures. The extraordinary three-part design enables the luminaire and Profile to be fitted in smaller sections before installing the continuous diffused cover, providing an illusion of a continuous light installation.

Architect Group GSA have created a delicate balance between Eastern and Western elements and the lighting magnificently complements this balance.