Cut And Craft

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Restaurants and Bars

Lighting Design

Mistry Lighting

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October 2022


Stevie Campbell

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Located in the heart of Leeds city centre, Cut & Craft opened in October 2022 within an iconic Grade II listed building in the Victoria Quarter. Formerly known as Collinson’s café, the venue was famously frequented by Wallace Hartley, who was well-known for his position as Band Master on the Titanic. The elegance of the Titanic is referenced throughout the underlying interior design, including oceanic colours, textures, and metallic qualities.

Award-winning lighting design consultancy Mistry Lighting, specified bespoke lighting solutions from leading lighting manufacturer LEDFlex Group, to create a beautiful and stylish atmosphere that could seamlessly go from day to night, enhancing the luxurious all-day dining experience that reflects the site’s incredible history. To fulfil the brief, over 400 metres of Eco Flex, one of the most efficient product lines from the LEDFlex flagship range, was installed throughout different areas of the restaurant. The luminaire offered a sleek and sustainable solution while adding a sense of drama to the alluring atmosphere of Cut & Craft. 

The lighting design creates an additional impact by drawing attention to many theatrical elements of the space including the stained glass windows, grand staircases, and the circular bar situated under the feature central dome. The dome highlights the intricate architecture and window frames at the centre, creating a stunning focal point for diners sitting below. The flexibility of the luminaire allowed it to be installed in various areas, despite the limitations of working within a listed building. LEDFlex worked closely with interior designer Studio Two to include lighting in bespoke joinery details. Bar shelves are backlit to showcase elegant glasses and bottles, illuminating the chic standalone bar alongside under the counter lighting that casts a golden glow. A warm ambience reflects on the metallics and oceanic hues in the design, creating a dazzling vibrance that makes the restaurant come alive at night.

The result of the lighting design is a discreet ambience, softly illuminating the rich architectural and interior aspects of the design to create a larger impact. The lighting solutions create an atmosphere which welcomes guests to Cut & Craft, inviting them into a sumptuous interior that offers an unforgettable experience which mimics the history and luxury of the Titanic.