Genuine Liquorette

Project Details

Project Type

Bars & Restaurants

Lighting Design

Elektra Lighting

Project Location

London, United Kingdom


August 2018



Products Specified


Evoking the feel of bodegas and liquor stores lining the Californian coast, the New York original shifts its focus away from the usual by providing an exclusive craft cocktail experience. The flamboyant setting further enriches this experience. With black and white chequered floors, creative murals and glowing neon signage, Liquorette refrains from the typical pageantry and vibrantly embodies the bohemian rhapsody.

In collaboration with Designers, Elektra Lighting and AvroKo, LEDFlex has left no stones unturned in reviving the American Pop Culture in the heart of London. Eco Flex 240 from LEDFlex’s Flex Range has been intuitively integrated with various interior elements of the bar. While the product is ideal for contour and accent lighting, its high lumen output grabs the eye. The warm temperature range of the installed flex further establishes an intimate yet bodacious ambience.