Harrods Chocolate Hall

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Last year, high end luxury retailer, Harrods, celebrated 150 years of chocolate by opening its doors to its own delectable Chocolate Hall, concluding the final chapter of the four-year restoration of the Food Halls in Harrods’ iconic Knightsbridge store.

Award-winning designers David Collins Studio and Lighting Design International were appointed to design the interiors and lighting for the space, respectively. LEDFlex luminaires were specified by LDI to bring the historic space to life and bring a sense of opulence and elegance to the world-renowned chocolate hall. The restoration pays homage to Harrods’ chocolate heritage by creating an environment that reflects the Halls original Edwardian grandeur. 

Every element of the design was handled meticulously. From the tiles being hand restored to the lighting design highlighting the historic architecture. Each factor had to reflect the craft and delicacy of the chocolate. From the moment customers enter the Chocolate Hall, they are surrounded by decadence and elegance. LEDFlex’s high lumen output Ultimo Neon Silicone 16 SV was specified to illuminate the chocolate showcases, beautifully displaying the hand crafted and delicately wrapped confectionery. The Ultimo Neon 10 accented the details in the shelving and joinery, creating a level of grandeur to the space. 

Upon entrance you are captivated by the light-well, crafted from a backlit alabaster, accentuating The Harrods Chocolaterie, which is undoubtedly the showstopper of the Chocolate Hall, bringing the magic of chocolate creation to life. The Chocolate Hall is a truly mesmerising and magical place that will be enjoyed for years to come, and not only does it offer goods that taste great, but it looks great too.