Inmarsat's Global GX Aviation

Project Details

Project Type


Lighting Design

Jotta Studio

Project Location

London & Singapore


October 2016


Jotta & Olyvon

Powering global connectivity for almost four decades, Inmarsat is the industry leader and pioneer of mobile satellite communications. In 2016, Inmarsat launched GX Aviation as the world's first global, high-speed aviation broadband service in Singapore.

Designer, Jotta Studios, created two large scale installations for the global launch of GX Aviation. One installation was designed for educating and inspiring airline representatives and the other for the purpose of holding meetings and attending to clients. As a result, Jotta required lighting which had high visual impact with a quality finish to enlighten learners and to entice potential clients.

The 'Connected Air' installation represented a high-tech interior of an aircraft with "windows" lined with Micro Neon, accentuating the 'hovering' 3D printed objects each representing twelve separate stories. Guests had the opportunity to interact with the objects using an iPad in order to explore the key product benefits.

The other installation represented a broken-up cube in plan, and the stand consisted of a 4.5m high chevron structure which split the cube diagonally. Over 550sq meters of LED panels broken into individualised pixels covered the entire cube structure.

The Ultimo Neon 10 and Eco Flex were the perfect choice of lighting as they addressed every requirement. While Ultimo Neon 10 was sleek enough to fit Inmarsat's narrow recesses, Eco Flex illuminated the objects due to its higher lumen output.