James Cousins Company

Project Details

Project Type


Lighting Design

Lee Curran, Invisible Light UK

Project Location

United Kingdom & South Korea


April 2017


Camilla Greenwell

Products Specified


James Cousins Company is known for creating compelling dance productions with a team of internationally renowned dancers and collaborators. In order to mark Shakespeare’s 400th death anniversary, the company unveiled its new production, Rosalind, an enthralling performance portraying the progression of womanhood.

For this production, Invisible Light UK required a large neon-coloured skeletal cube to establish a set in which the dancers could perform and pass through. However, it was a challenge to illuminate the dancers without overpowering them.

Our Ultimo Neon 10x10mm was the ideal luminaire choice for the lining of the cube because of its reassured profile mounting, narrow body, as well as its 10 mm height. The Ultimo Neon 10 is highly secured in its profile, ensuring that it will stay intact and fulfil its purpose irrespective of potential rough-handling during the performance. Additionally, it has a great diffusion of light which produces a continuous smooth lighting that is dimmable.