Project Details

Project Type


Lighting Design


Project Location

London, United Kingdom


September 2017


James Cannon

KX is a private members' club dedicated to health and fitness. From their industry renowned personal trainers and a wide variety of classes, KX administers the ultimate experience for dedicated gym-goers and provides a holistic approach to wellness. Affiliated with KX, KXU is a non-membership fitness and wellbeing hub which functions on a pay-as-you-go basis.

KXU has an urban and robust approach to fitness which is reflected in their interior design. To enhance their interior, KXU opted for our Eco Flex range. Each of their studios have been carefully designed with a different theme. Therefore, it was essential the lighting could be adjusted to any colour to complement each theme and to achieve the required atmosphere and setting. With the additional benefits of its high lumen output and versatility, the Eco Flex offered more than what KXU was looking for.