Mayflower Theatre

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Lighting Design

18 Degrees

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Southampton, United Kingdom




Tom Lee

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The Mayflower Theatre in Southampton celebrated its 90th Anniversary last year with a grand restoration. From the seating to the colour scheme, the auditorium saw a radical transformation. However, it was lighting that played a key role in effectively bringing out this transformation. In a creative partnership with London-based Lighting Design Practice, 18 degrees, we designed tailored linear lighting solutions that took into account technological advancements as well as complemented the majestic red and gold colour palette of the refurbished auditorium.

18 degrees had requested for 300 linear lights that could be integrated into the end of row arm rests and handrails. Eco Flex 120 from our Flex Range was the ideal solution. The LED consists of 120 chips per meter of tape, resulting in a low lumen output. This ensures that the linear lights only illuminate the aisles, improving visibility for those accessing the walkways while imposing minimal distraction to the rest. We have further used warm temperatures of the flex to create a comforting ambience for theatregoers.