NHow London

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Lighting Design

Elektra Lighting

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January 2020


nHow London

Nestled in London's trendy east end that is marked by an industrial past and technological future, the newly opened nHow soaks up elements from its surrounding neighbourhood and plays with them with sheer unconvention. From the lobby to the guest rooms, interior designers, Project Orange, have pushed the envelope to craft a concept that is unique, funky and that celebrates British traditions and history, all at the same time. Lighting design plays a key role in achieving this. LEDFlex in collaboration with lighting designers, Elektra Lighting, have designed bespoke linear lighting solutions to complement the stylish interiors.

While the coves in the guest rooms have been fitted with our efficient Eco Flex, shedding light upon colourful textures, British iconography and contemporary art pieces, our ultra bright Lumen Line along with our Ultimo Neon 10x10 have been used in the lobby area to bring to life intricate details, textured walls and bohemian prints.