Nobu Atlantis


Bars & Restaurants

Lighting Design



Dubai, UAE


August 2023

The Project

Nobu, the Michelin-starred culinary oasis nestled in Dubai's Atlantis Palm, has undergone a breathtaking transformation with the integration of state-of-the-art LEDFlex lighting systems. This enhancement not only infuses the space with a captivating radiance but also elevates the overall dining experience, providing patrons with a seamless fusion of world-class hospitality and culinary excellence set against the mesmerising backdrop of Dubai's skyline.

The prestigious Lighting Design Studio, Isometrix, seized the opportunity to seamlessly incorporate LEDFlex's cutting-edge lighting solutions into the restaurant's interior architecture, intricately threading them into every facet of the dining journey.

Upon arrival, guests are greeted by warm and subtle accent lighting, courtesy of Ultimo Neon 10 at the entrance, guiding them towards the bar area and creating an inviting ambiance. As visitors step into the main restaurant, the spotlight falls on the star of the show—the award-winning Katana Flames, gracefully suspended above the central bar. This contemporary chandelier, mirroring the slow, enchanting dance of flames with its red ripples, is ingeniously integrated with Ultimo Neon 16 Pixel. LEDFlex plays a pivotal role in bringing this stunning chandelier to life, contributing from the initial concept to the final commissioning.

Away from the central bar, the private dining booths on the left side, set on a raised platform, exude elegance outlined by Ultimo Neon 10 fixtures, adding drama and depth to the overall ambiance. The floor-to-ceiling wine display gleams brightly, each shelf illuminated by the ultra-slim 4mm wide Nano Flex.

Stone dividers separating the main dining area and the bar are flawlessly illuminated by Flexi Panel , while the high ceiling coves, integrated with Eco Flex, create a sense of expansiveness and elegance, further enhancing the overall dining experience.

Regardless of the time of day, the advanced control offered by DALI and DMX technology ensures precise control over the lighting, maintaining the perfect balance and ambiance. This enhancement has been met with delight from one and all, solidifying Nobu's status as an unrivalled luxury dining destination in Dubai, with LEDFlex playing a pivotal role in its exceptional presentation.