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Lighting Design

Into Lighting

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Tom Fallon

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Ouronyx have redefined the medical beauty space with their newly renovated London clinic complete with luxurious surroundings to create an elevated client experience. With LEDFlex lighting, elegant interiors and concierge service that is more akin to a five-star hotel or private members’ club, this clinic is the future of beauty.

When you enter the new clinic, you are immediately transported into a modern, elegant, and simplistic space. Into Lighting were appointed to illuminate and bring the space to life and specified LEDFlex products to create texture and dimension with the clean and bold architectural lines and shapes. The lighting brief was flexibility, functionality, and luxury. The space holds a reception area to welcome guests, a waiting area, product displays, a beauty bar and of course treatment rooms, all with very different lighting requirements. The lighting had to hit the brief and of course play homage to the Ouronyx concept of ‘less is more’.

Above the waiting area sits a halo of light recessed in the ceiling, which creates a visually stunning feature for clients. Using LEDFlex’s EcoFlex 182 2700K this composed a cool and clean hue with LED linear profiles, beautifully aligning with the simplicity of the space. The back wall shelving and feature bar area are artistically illuminated. Into Lighting specified LEDFlex’s Nano Flex 264 in 2700K and Pro profile Nano 3509 to elevate these stunning features and details, creating depth and dimension to this modern design.

This is truly a magnificent display of interior design and lighting, which brings the brand's vision and ethos to life.  The new Ouronyx clinic showcases the future of beauty and the future of lighting.