Sapphire Ice And Leisure Centre

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Lighting Design


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Romford, UK




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The Sapphire Ice & Leisure Centre in Romford is one of only two facilities in Essex to offer a permanent ice rink and is used as training facility by the London Raiders Ice Hockey team. In addition, it comprises of multiple leisure facilities such as gym and swimming pool.

To illuminate the façade of the Centre, the project required durable lights that can withstand extreme weather conditions, yet, suitable for the surrounding urban lighting scape. Besides, given the large glass surfaces of the façade, reflectivity had to be kept in mind.

Our Domed Neon - a linear silicone encapsulated luminaire, addressed all the requirements. Its running length of up to 20m made it a perfect fit for large scale application areas such as façade lighting and its protective casing ensured that it was waterproof and UV resistant. The wide beam angle of Domed Neon resulted in a homogenous light output, eliminating any potential glare caused by the glass façade. Last but not least, Domed Neon is available in a wide selection of colour temperatures ranging from 2500K to 6500K – thus a cool light that suits the blue cladding was chosen.