The Warren

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Lighting Design

Inspyer Lighting

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Kent, UK




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The Warren is a large country house at a prime location in Kent, built in 1882, containing multifunctional event rooms which can accommodate up to 250 guests.
The clients required backlighting for the open wine cabinet which could adapt to the diverse event types being hosted in the room – ranging from corporate conferences, team building workshops, dinners, exhibitions, to weddings, birthday parties, christenings and wakes.

We suggested to use our Flexi Panel RGBW for the requested design which allows to mix red, green, blue and white lighting colours to adjust the colour temperature of the lighting to match any occasion. Equipped with a Linear Drive 720D the panel can be fully dimmed to provide a smooth and flicker-free transition of brightness.

The colour tuning and dimming function follow the principles of human centric lighting. For daytime events such as corporate conferences, the backlighting can provide bright and blue-toned lighting that evokes focus and wakefulness, while the lighting can be dimmed and adjusted to red tones to accommodate laid back evening events.

Backlighting creates soft glow around the edges of the wine cabinet and makes wine bottles pop out and shine. When the main lighting is dimmed backlights will cast a feathered silhouette. The Flexi Panel RGBW is fully compatible with DALI and DMX dimming protocols without producing any visible flickering to cater for great eye comfort. The installed backlighting created a modern and aesthetic optic. The tuneable panels enable to create the right atmosphere for each event type being hosted.