Transport Systems Catapult

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Lighting Design

Transport Systems Catapult

Project Location

Milton Keynes, United Kingdom


June 2014


Transport Systems Catapult

The Transport Systems Catapult (TSC) is one of seven Catapults around the UK, bringing together a network of world-leading centres created to pioneer innovation in a variety of sectors. The area of innovation focuses around how people and goods can be moved in a smarter, safer, greener and more efficient way around the UK and the globe. Another focus is on the positive economic impact the project can have on the country. It's a sector the TSC refer to as Intelligent Mobility, as it encompasses everything they are trying to achieve.

In this particular project, the lighting installation to be placed in their Innovation Centre for visual purposes rather than to illuminate a dark space. The client wanted lighting that could echo the concept of moving people and goods, and so for this our Domed Neon Pixel was the perfect choice. The Domed Neon Pixel features a rounded diffuser to produce a wider beam angle, and can produce a rich spectrum of light colours to achieve the effect of 'moving' whilst changing colours.