Visa Innovation Centre

Project Details

Project Type


Lighting Design

Kate and Sam Lighting Design

Project Location

London, United Kingdom


February 2017


Visa Innovation Centre

Located at its European headquarters in Paddington Basin, the Visa Innovation Centre London covers over 1,000m2 of space – making it the largest in Visa’s global network of innovation centres.

In this immersive environment, Visa is able to work side-by-side with financial institutions, merchants and other partners to develop the next generation of payment solutions.

The space features practical demonstrations to excite and engage visitors, including applications of the Internet of Things (IoT) in connected car and connected home environments, such as paying for car insurance or placing a grocery order from a refrigerator. Visitors will also experience the future of retail using virtual reality to pick just the right seat for an upcoming Formula E race and biometric authentication to pay for tickets.

Warm lighting was required to be installed in the ceiling above to illuminate the dining area where staff and visitors can eat and unwind. In addition, contour lighting was requested to add an edge to an otherwise plain white wall in a simple area of the centre, whilst continuing the centre’s general theme.