Project Details

Project Type

Bars & Restaurants

Lighting Design

Kate and Sam Lighting Designers

Project Location

Brighton & Edinburgh


April 2016 (Brighton)October 2016 (Edinburgh)


Adam Scott

Inspired by their love for Mexican food, founders Thomasina Miers and Mark Selby spotted a gap in the market and set to open Wahaca, a chain of Mexican street food restaurants. Successful since the opening of its first restaurant in West London in August 2007, Wahaca has become a popular dining location, and recognised as one of the UK's most sustainably built and run restaurants. Over the years, Miers and Selby have opened 24 more branches spanning across the UK.

For the Brighton and Edinburgh branches, Kate and Sam Lighting Designers required lighting that was small in size but produced a soft light with a great diffusion of light in order to create a calm and friendly atmosphere. Additionally, they had to be careful to choose lighting that would not overpower but instead complement the interior design and the street and graffiti artists' work that Miers and Selby take pride in showcasing in their restaurants.

Our Ultimo Neon 10 is amoungst the narrowest Neon Flex which offers a diffused light output. For this reason, Ultimo Neon 10 was the ideal choice of lighting for Wahaca as the lighting created the desired atmosphere as well as being strategically placed to enhance the unique artwork displayed on the walls.