A Neon has never been brighter than Ultimo High Lumen

Ultimo High Lumen is the latest – and brightest - addition to our Neon Flex range, and one of the brightest on the market. It excels in its luminosity performance with up to 1000 Lumen, to provide visibility and orientation - suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Durable Design

Our Neon lights offer high durability and flexibility for all projects requiring a linear LED solution. They contain an encapsulated LED strip with high-quality Epistar branded chips inside a flexible 3OZ case. The protective casing prevents UV damage, is water- and step-proof, as well as flame and solvent-resistant.

Following, Ultimo High Lumen withstands all weather conditions and can even be completely submersed in water.

High Lumen

Any Project Size

Create a smooth line of light without spotting. Due to its 9mm LED pitch Ultimo High Lumen ensures a homogenous lighting output. Ultimo High Lumen has a running length of up to 20m when being powered from both sides, which makes it perfectly suitable for large-scale lighting installations. The luminaires can be fitted end to end for a continuous lighting effect.

High Lumen

Flexible Application

Ultimo High Lumen is a true all-rounder – it can be used for various application, indoor and outdoor:
- Floor-recessing
- Façade contour
- Urban lighting
- Landscape lighting
- And more

All LED Flex luminaires are fully dimmable, have a 3 step MacAdam binning to provide an excellent colour consistency and have a 5-year warranty.

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