A Month of Collaborations and Conversations

Last month has been an eventful one for LEDFlex, one which was filled with exciting conversations and inspiring collaborations. In the first event of the month, Lighting Design & Climate Change, LEDFlex hosted over 60 lighting designers from 25 lighting design practices in London's vibrant graffiti tunnel in Waterloo. The key objective of the event was to take a step forward as an industry and initiate a conversation on how we can combat climate change together. We invited notable guest speakers from the industry who gave us an insight to their own respective practices that we can learn from and implement. While keynote speaker, Kristina Allison, Senior Lighting Designer at Atkins and Chair of Society of Light and Lighting Education Committee, shared her latest research on creating a circular economy in the lighting industry, Neil Knowles, Director at Elektra Lighting, discussed the impact of a four day work week on both the environment and wellbeing.

Next up was [d]arc room pop up in which LEDFlex had collaborated with Lighting Design International to create an interactive lighting installation based on this year's theme ‘spectrum’. As many brilliant ideas, the concept was developed having fun, over a pint of beer, crazy golf, and a delish Indian feast. It was further influenced by the obstacles posed by the pandemic where uncertainty prevailed and interaction, collaboration and creativity had suffered. Therefore, we were keen on designing an installation where people can forget the hardships of the past years and have fun with their peers. And there was nothing better than overcoming obstacles like crazy golf.




Author: Pallavi Jain

Thursday 30th of September 2021