Christmas for a Cause 2020

This time each year, we, at LEDFlex, dedicate ourselves to making the festive season special for our near and dear ones. This year, however, given the global situation, we would like to devote the same effort in supporting those who are facing unprecedented challenges. And so, this Christmas, liaising with Imperial Health Charity, we have chosen to support St Mary’s Children’s Fund. Our proceedings to the fund would drive clinical research and innovation that will shape children’s health today, tomorrow and long into the future. This marks our second association with the fund, where earlier last year, in collaboration with Nulty+, LEDFlex had donated bespoke lighting solutions to the Children’s ward at St Mary’s Hospital.

Learn more on how you can support the organisation further and bring a ray of hope into many lives this festival of lights.

Author: Pallavi Jain

30th December 2020