Designers in Residence Programme 2018

The Programme

Featuring emerging designers from various disciplines, The Designers in Residence programme at the Design Museum, London, offers designers with time and space away from their regular environment to research new ways of developing their practice.

Dr Helga Schmid, one of the four designers invited by the museum to respond to the theme 'Dwelling' for the Designers in Residence Programme 2018, is a London-based design researcher and communications designer.

The Project

Dr Schmid's installation, Circadian Dreams, is developed as part of her ongoing artistic research on Uchronia (defined as temporal utopia). In this installation the space acts as a clock. Twelve minutes represent one circadian day of 24 hours, each minute representing two hours. The light and sound scape relates to your body phases, with a bright blue tone that activates you, an intensive red-orange which makes you sleepy, and darkness which brings you to a sleep/dream state. The phases are based on peak daily times for logical reasoning, concentration, muscle strength, up to melatonin secretion and highest body temperature. The typology of a home, with kitchen and bedroom, becomes irrelevant when the bodily rhythm provides new criteria for dwelling.

The work investigates the nature of temporality in relation to the future of dwelling. Modern technology has fostered an increasing temporal fragmentation, heralding an era of flexible time with ever more complex processes of synchronization, leaving us with the feeling of 'no time'. By investigating the topic of time through an interdisciplinary approach of design, chronobiology and chronosociology, Dr Helga opens up possibilities for new politics of time. Uchronian thinking not only involves unlearning time but is also concerned with developing alternative ways of understanding and using time.

Circadian Dreams, 2018. Commissioned by the Design Museum. Helga Schmid in collaboration with Mále Uribe Forés, Piotr Ceglarek and Emily Candela Image credits: © Francisco Ibáñez Hantke /@estudioibanez Supported by LedFlex and Savoir Beds

The Initiative

Every individual is an artist in their own essence. However, only the privileged find the right platform. At LEDFlex, we take pride in bringing talented budding designers like Dr. Helga Schmid a step closer to their platform. Dr Schmid's Installation, Circadian Dreams, consisted of various elements, amongst which was lighting design. To bring her installation to life, she required over 18 meters of Domed Neon Pixel to be fitted at the bottom and on top of the bed frame. The Neon was further integrated with a DiGidot C4 Driver, giving Dr Schmid a hands-on control over the light output.

While this Installation received a phenomenal response from visitors, many might not know that Dr Helga had commissioned a similar installation in Turkey prior to this, which again we were proudly associated with.

Circadian Dreams, 2018. Circadian Space, 2018. New production/commissioned by Z33 House for Contemporary Art for Istanbul Design Biennial 2018. Helga Schmid in collaboration with Tereza ?erve?ov, Piotr Ceglarek, Malé Uribe Fores, Delfina Fantini van Ditmar and Michaela French Supported by LedFlex

Our association with this project is part of our ongoing commitment towards the wellbeing of the society. We look forward to becoming a part of many such initiatives in the future with the objective of nurturing a society that is progressive, free-spirited and creative.

Author: Pallavi Jain

Wednesday 16th January, 2019