Hyphae : The Meta Garden

This May LEDFlex collaborated with landscape architect Joe Perkins, Cinimod Studio and Sacha Molyneux to create a thought-provoking installation for the Chelsea Flower Show, showcased within the Meta Garden. The Installation, referred to as the 'Hyphae Collective', was designed to shine a light on the crucial relationship between soil, fungi and plants, which together form the basis of resilient forest ecosystems. This inspiring design became an award winning installation, achieving gold at this year’s show. 

Set within an intricately designed wooden structure, visitors were prompted to sit themselves and interact with the coffee table (Hyphae). Placed atop the table, a spy mirror detected each visitor, which when triggered revealed the secret beauty of this otherwise normal looking coffee table. The fungi glowed in an array of colours, revealing an otherworldly and magical display. With a considered approach to a layered lighting scheme, Joe’s intricate display of nature was beautifully illuminated, establishing a highly complex and multi-layered environment that takes the viewer on a journey, that was beautifully captured on the BBC coverage of the show. 

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Author: Jennifer Olakitan

Tuesday 31st of May 2022