Launching soon - The Rigid Grazer

We are excited to announce a new and upcoming addition to the LEDFlex Portfolio, the Rigid Grazer. This new addition to the line is one that is much anticipated with an update on the existing features of the Flexi Grazer range. A key feature to highlight is the non-encapsulated rigid PCB which enables long, seamless runs of the fixture, resulting in a flawless grazing finish for any interior.


Offered in single and dual beam angles of 20° and 30°, 20°x45° and 110°x70°, similar to the Flexi Grazer, the Rigid Grazer offers a wider pitch as a result of which it consumes less power, leading to a more eco-friendly output. The Rigid PCBs are set in square profiles which can be powdered coated in any colour, giving more flexibility to design concepts. The luminaires will also be available in an expansive range of color temperatures from 2600K-6500K.


Stay tuned for more updates on this new range via our socials and monthly newsletter.



Author: Pallavi Jain

Thursday 31st of March 2022