LEDFlex Debuts as Sponsor at Silhouette Awards with Rouzana Kopti

As we make our debut as a sponsor for the first ever silhouette awards, we are ecstatic to announce that of the 20 mentors selected by the organising board, LEDFlex will be supporting lighting designer, Rouzana Kopti. With over 8 years of experience in lighting design, Rouzana specialises in architectural lighting and landscape design with projects ranging from residential to commercial, and small to large scale projects. Throughout her career, Rouzana has led more than 30 projects across 10 different countries. Her main passion is centred around seamlessly integrating light and space to elevate emotional connections and prompt artistic experiences. We look forward to collaborating with Rouzana. Stay tuned to our feed to be a part of our journey.

Author: Pallavi Jain

Thursday 28th of October 2021