Lighting Design and Climate Change - A VIP LEDFlex Event

Following the success of our recent post-pandemic socials, the central theme of which revolved around the power of collaboration, LEDFlex is back with another inspiring and immersive experience, this time based on the dire subject of climate change in the context of lighting design. In recent years, the catastrophic effects of climate change have become increasingly visible, and so as an industry, it is time for us to take a step forward, more so than ever before. The purpose is to initiate the conversation which will be led by our keynote speaker, Kristina Allison, Senior Lighting Designer at Atkins and Chair of Society of Light and Lighting, and guest speaker, Neil Knowles, Director at Elektra Lighting. The event is to be held on September 15th at the eccentric and vibrant ‘Banksy Tunnel’ in Waterloo amidst the urban graffiti culture and futuristic technology, reinstating the idea of going back to our roots while keeping up with change. Stay tuned to our feed to learn more.


Author: Pallavi Jain

Monday 30th of August 2021