Our next steps towards greater Sustainability

Since embarking on our sustainability journey, we have been committed to increasing our knowledge on circular economy within the lighting industry, as a part of which we will soon be implementing measures that follow the benchmark of TM65 and TM66. TM66 explains what circular economy is and how it can be achieved. It further consists of the Circular Economy Assessment Methods (CEAM), which turns a complex subject into an easy-to-understand star rating, giving manufacturers and specifiers targeted, useable, independent metrics to compare products and strive for improvement. On the other hand, TM65 provides a high-level methodology that calculates the embodied carbon from the different life cycle stages of a product: extraction of materials, manufacture, repair, disassembly and disposal.

These technical memorandums provide practical guidelines for manufacturers, specifiers and designers across the board to increase their knowledge and facilitate more sustainable practices within the industry. Taking the next step towards achieving greater sustainability as a premium lighting manufacturer, LEDFlex are further standardising our manufacturing process to create a progressive internal infrastructure that encourages and supports creating a circular economy within our business practices, giving our luminaires a more sustainable life cycle that can be extended via easy maintenance and repair.

Stay tuned to follow our journey as we continue to strive towards a more sustainable future.

Author: Jennifer Olakitan

Thursday 13th of April 2023