The new, enhanced Lumen Line IP54

At LEDFlex, our resolute commitment to product advancement drives us to continually push the boundaries of research and development. Fuelled by our passion for innovation, we consistently strive to refine and elevate our offerings. In line with this steadfast dedication, we are pleased to introduce significant enhancements to our recently launched Lumen Line range.

Notably, the forthcoming IP54 iteration of our Lumen Line is shedding its conventional thick silicone encapsulation and end caps. Instead, it will be coated with a thin, nearly imperceptible layer of silicone. This ingenious design modification empowers on-site customisation, enabling designers the freedom to achieve bespoke lengths that seamlessly align with their creative vision, all the while upholding remarkable durability. To learn more about the product, get in touch with our sales representative today.

Author: Isha Bachwani

Wednesday 30th of August 2023