Maslow's Mortimer House

Project Details

Project Type


Lighting Design

Elektra Lighting

Project Location

London, United Kingdom


Novemeber 2017


Ed Reeve

Set in the heart of London's Fitzrovia, Mortimer House is a fresh take to the concept of shared working spaces, giving an all new definition to 'work, rest and play.' The space consists of intuitively designed team offices, meeting rooms, event spaces, living room, terrace, studio, gym and restaurant, providing a multifaceted experience for members to create, work and unwind in equal measure.

The interior is designed upon the theory of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, primarily using elements of space and lighting to fulfil human needs. While our Flexi ProPanels have been installed as a principal source of lighting in most spaces, Eco Flex 120 and 240 can be seen used for cove lighting and wall grazing. The narrow Ultimo Neon 10 has further been used for contour and feature lighting. All of these products are installed in warm temperatures, ranging from 2300K-2700K to create an intimate ambience as well as to play emphasis on exclusivity.