Radisson Red

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Lighting Design

Elektra Lighting

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October 2020



Products Specified

The subdued Park Inn at London Heathrow has recently been refurbished and upgraded into the stylish, state-of-the-art Radisson Red. The brand-new retro, yet funky hotel effortlessly plays on bold designs, all while sustaining elements of opulence and grandeur. Lighting design contributes as a key catalyst in achieving the desired look by the brand.

LEDFlex, in a creative collaboration with Elektra Lighting, has designed tailored linear lighting solutions to be integrated into various areas within the hotel such as the external entrance, reception, bar and restaurant.

Ultimo Neon 16 Triview can be seen recessed into the mirrored porte corchère which is enclosed within an illuminated structural hoop, also using Ultimo Neon, which overhangs and continues within the floor. In addition, Eco Flex 240 has been used to backlight high gloss marble panels at the reception while the 4mm wide Nano Flex 264 is used to illuminate intricate details in the bar area, creating an effective focal point within the space.