Room2 Southampton

Project Details

Project Type


Lighting Design


Project Location

Southampton, United Kingdom


March 2018



Products Specified


Combining the comforts of home with the luxury of hotels, room2 classifies itself as world’s first ‘Hometel’ with chains in Hammersmith and Southampton. Given its unique positioning in the market, the lighting requirements set forth to us by Interior Design Studio, Project Orange, were relatively straightforward – Lights that optimize space, radiate warmth and elegance and, most importantly, harmonize with the décor.

To address these requirements, we opted for solutions from our Flex Range, in specific, Lumen Line. Products from our Lumen Line category not only complemented the traditional cruise liner themed interior, but, also highlighted the various elements that would have otherwise gone unnoticed given the large floor to ceiling height of the room. In addition, the wide range in color temperatures offered by Lumen Line products enabled the designers to create the warm and elegant ambience that they were looking for.