Scotts Richmond


Bars & Restaurants

Lighting Design



London, UK


November 2022


Gavriil Papadiotis

The Project

Located on a westward meander of the River Thames, Scott’s new Richmond location brings decadence and old-world elegance to destination dining. Guests are greeted with glamour at the stately terrace for al-fresco dining on the banks of the Thames, the opulent champagne and crustacean bar and a dazzling dining hall set across two floors. Scott’s prides itself on providing service that is as exceptional as the food, sharing the heritage and experience of its famous original location in Mayfair. 

Creative lighting studio 18FIFTY specified bespoke lighting solutions from leading lighting manufacturer LEDFlex Group, to create an elegant ambience which elevates the classic character of the interior and respects the Scott’s legacy. LEDFlex Lumen Line 176 in 2100K to 2300K was placed in coffers throughout the ground and first floor, welcoming guests by washing them with a warm and inviting golden glow. To flexibly illuminate the ground floor cornice detail, 18 FIFTY selected Nano Flex HE, the narrowest flex in the range by 4mm in 2400K. The luminaire flawlessly accentuates the impressive architectural design of the ceiling, adding to the grandeur of the restaurant.

The decadent golden bar is dazzling through homogeneous illumination with the use of Ultimo Neon Silicone in 2200K, casting glittering reflections on glasses and bottles, creating a bejewelling gem in the corner of the room. The shelves are backlit using Nano Flex 180 in 2400K, a sleek and minimal solution perfect for showcasing each display in an intricate manner, exquisitely highlighting each glass and product. The basement ladies’ restrooms are softly illuminated with Ultimo Neon Silicone in 2200K, and the basement gentleman’s restrooms are subtly lit with Ultimo 16 Neon Silicone in 2700K, to create a relaxing and private environment. The ladies restroom vanity mirror is illuminated with Nano Flex 180 in 2400K, creating a stylish and balanced light source for ladies when applying makeup.

The lighting design has been carefully considered from the top to the bottom of the space to evoke a sense of elegance and comfort throughout. The lighting cleverly elevates the dining experience and accentuates the architectural design and interior of this fine restaurant, upholding the renowned Scott’s legacy and adding a stunning addition to the brand.