The Skin Lab By Augustinus Bader

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Lighting Design

Lichtvision Design

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January 2023


Augustinus Bader - Michael Sinclair

LEDFlex adds an enchanting touch to the highly-acclaimed Augustinus Bader Skin Lab, a collaborative venture with Lanserhof, recently unveiled in the heart of London's prestigious Mayfair. This innovative spa and retail haven redefine prestige and glamor, combining luxury, cutting-edge technology, and clinical innovation to deliver extraordinary indulgent experiences, elevating the health and vitality of the skin like never before.

Within this extraordinary setting of unprecedented luxury, the space is adorned with exquisite lighting fittings, meticulously chosen to fulfill the visions of Lighting Designers and Architects. LEDFlex fittings play a pivotal role, seamlessly complementing the interior design and crafting an ambience that envelops the clientele in pampering and relaxation.

Behind this outstanding project stands the award-winning lighting design studio Lichtvision London, led by the expertise of Senior Associate Laura Cizauskaite, who skillfully specified LEDFlex fittings throughout the space, culminating in a work of art that captivates and inspires.

In the magnificent reception area, with its midnight blue walls adorned in plush velvet upholstery, the brilliance of Ultimo Neon 16 from LEDFlex’s portfolio takes center stage. Strategically used, it gracefully illuminates the banquette seating from underneath, conjuring a captivating floating effect that adds a touch of enchantment to the entire space.

Notably, the reception area boasts chain mail curtains adorning undulating walls, washed with LEDFlex’s Dual Bending Optic Solution, Flexi Grazer 3D in a 30° Beam angle, ideal for flawlessly washing curved surfaces. The layered effect is evocative and dramatic, becoming the standout design detail of this sumptuous project.
































































































































































































































































Laura Cizauskaite commented that it was very important to compliment the branding colours in warm hues. “The design team undertook many mockups to test various techniques including the sandwich like effect, where the metal curtain is offset from the wall. This level of care with the materials and light distribution has delivered a beautiful and harmonious result. In tandem with the rest of the space the suspended curved ceiling cove detail is illuminated by LEDFlex Ultimo Ultimo Neon 22 concealed in the return, allowing for a warm halo of light to define the ceiling creating the perfect welcoming environment for clients looking for a memorable experience.”

The holistic approach of using layers of light in different orientations not only provides a pleasing visual effect but also serves a functional purpose, eliminating the need for downlights in the ceiling. 

The design intent extends to the cozy waiting room, enclosed in the same plush fabrics, with a beautiful deep circular skylight punctuating the ceiling, bathed in soft blue light. The LEDFlex Flexi Grazer 3D Grey 30° and Ultimo Neon 16 fittings illuminate the curtain and seating, perfectly complementing the false feature skylight. Even the treatment rooms feature LEDFlex fittings in the architectural detailing, proving to be the perfect choice with the Neon range available in various dimensions that effortlessly integrate into joinery and ceiling details. This family of light fittings ensures consistent color output and design throughout the space.

The Skin Lab's success story has not gone unnoticed, and it has been featured in prestigious beauty and lifestyle publications, spreading its influence and allure far and wide. The media's recognition has solidified its reputation, reinforcing the spa's status as the go-to destination for those seeking transformative beauty experiences backed by scientific expertise.