The Westin Mina Seyahi



Lighting Design

Smith Tait


Dubai, UAE




Alex Jeffries

The Project

The palatial renovation of the Westin Hotel Dubai Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina offers guests the chance to step inside a world of pure luxury. Lighting design consultants, Smith Tait, were appointed to deliver a creative lighting concept for the Westin Atrium Lobby which features magnificent tiled floors, a grand gazebo and stunning gold furnishings crafted by renowned boutique interior design studio, Stickman Tribe. The desire for the project was to enhance the area by building different layers of light to define the space, creating depth and atmosphere, while accentuating the impressive interiors housed within the neoclassical architecture. The key was to curate lighting that was dynamic yet discreet, with luminaires that are not only premium in quality, but also efficient. 

To illuminate the vision LEDFlex were specified by Smith Tait. Upon arrival, guests are met with an opulent indoor gazebo structure which hosts the main reception area. Eco Flex in 3000K enclosed in a black profile has been surface mounted along the frame as well as the cove of the gazebo which emits a soft, ethereal glow around the edges, creating an inviting yet intimate ambience for guests. The luminaire is further integrated as an indirect light source beneath the raised seating platform within the gazebo to add an extra layer of illumination and amplify the depth. Across the gazebo stands a majestic bar area which highlights the reception’s symmetry. The bar joinery has been integrated with Lumen Line in 3000K to add an element of drama to the space. Leading from the main reception area is the foyer, primarily illuminated with the high power Lumen Line range which is fitted into the cove. It not only helps in emphasising the architectural curves but also magnifying height and dimension. In addition, Flexi Grazer Narrow in 20° beam angle, has further been used in the foyer for coffer lighting, subtly framing edges of the room and devising a powerful visual effect.

The Westin Atrium is truly a visual spectacle and one that will be engrained in guests’ memories for years to come.