Vida Beach Resort



Lighting Design

Umaya Lighting Design




August 2021


Suchith Kumar

The Project

The elevations of Vida Beach Resort Marassi-Al-Bahrain come alive with vitality, courtesy of the exceptional exterior fixtures from the LEDFlex range.

Umaya Lighting Design,  experts in light planning and specification in the Mena region, worked in tandem with the LEDFlex supplying partner Huda Lighting , the design intent was executed seamlessly and in tune with the vision of the designers and architects.

In addressing the project's requirements, LEDFlex's flagship high-efficiency Eco Flex IP67 in combination with Recessed Rigid Profile 1709 were specified by the Lighting Designer. These selections perfectly complemented the dynamic exterior design, where the application of a warm white tone to the masonry detailing orchestrated a seamless transition of the façade's ambiance from the tranquillity of dusk to the captivating allure of nighttime.

The designer's specification  of LEDFlex in the  lighting scheme was a strategic choice, fueled by the resort's eminent status. Nestled within a premier tourist enclave, the resort boasts a unique flair that captivates the gaze, accentuated by the placement of linear luminaires. These luminaires are thoughtfully arranged in audacious geometric configurations, culminating in a resounding visual testament to architectural style.

The aesthetics of exterior lighting play a pivotal role in crafting the initial impression for guests. Vida's inviting and visually captivating facade exudes a charming allure, setting the stage to warmly welcome visitors  into a realm of luxury experiences. As an esteemed upscale lifestyle brand, Vida stands as a sanctuary for the next generation of entrepreneurial minds to stay, play and connect., LEDFlex took immense pleasure in contributing its linear lighting elements to this novel addition of the Bahrain nightscape.