Zedwell Piccadilly

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Lighting Design

Elektra Lighting

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August 2020



A sanctuary set amidst the chaos of London’s citylife, Zedwell enables travellers to switch-off and reconnect with themselves. The lifestyle concept, designed by globally renowned architects Neri & Hu, embraces nature by creating quiet ‘cocoon’ like spaces using a material palette which consists of a variety of sustainable and recycled components. These window-free cocoons are crafted to remove distractions from the world outside, instilling a sense of peace and re-balance. Lighting further plays an essential role in establishing a calm ambience in the space.

In a creative collaboration with lighting designers, Elektra Lighting, LEDFlex has designed bespoke luminaires to be installed within the hotel. Our latest Flexi Grazer Oval with a beam angle of 40x20° can be seen integrated into the wooden acoustic panels in the reception area to create a subtle wall-washing effect. Additionally, the sleek and narrow Eco Flex SL from our flagship Flex Range, ideal for intricate detail lighting, is used to illuminate the staircase located in the lobby area. Lumen Line and Intense Flex from the same range have further been installed in warm colour temperatures inside the ‘cocoons’ to create a soft and soothing mood lighting.